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If You Don't Get Paid, Neither Do We

We'll be looking at authorization processing reports thoroughly, and we'll be keeping tabs on any claims that are either not paid for or are denied. Thus, as we continue to collaborate, you will notice a decrease in the number of claims being denied. Since our fee is based on a proportion of the total amount of your collected billings, we have a vested interest in bringing in as much of that money as possible for you.

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About Us

With a full suite of healthcare IT products and services and a world-class team of experts at the ready, ExactMedex can help your business increase revenue, improve cash flow, and reduce the number of times claims are rejected.

We put the needs of our clients first. Our mission is to deliver dependable services that maximise ROI for your business.

ExactMedex is one of the best medical billing outsourcing firms in the US, providing an end-all, be-all solution for medical facilities of all sizes, from solo practitioners to multi-physician groups.

  • We'll keep in touch with you at every stage to give you an update.
  • The medical billing services we provide are of the highest quality because of our skilled team.
  • We are flexible and can integrate with whichever electronic claims system you're already using.

Health care providers can effectively deal on any regulatory challenges thanks to ExactMedex's effective solutions.

Diligent Focus on Every Little Detail

Daily audits will be performed to ensure that no claims are being wrongfully refused due to administrative mistakes.

Systematic, cost-effective, and cost-saving approach

Our comprehensive medical billing services not only include account monitoring and simple claim filing, but also include active management of your account from top to bottom, allowing you to receive maximum compensation at lowest cost.

We'll take care of your accounts receivable so you can provide all of your attention to your patients.

There will be fewer financial losses owing to things like improper billing codes, undisputed incorrect payments, invalid health cards, and other mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Medical billing services from ExactMedex are among the best available, and they boost productivity, efficiency, and return on investment. You'll be able to devote more time and energy to caring for patients thanks to the time and energy our medical billing services save you.

  • In contrast, all of our fees are open and obvious. There are no initial or other concealed charges. To cover our costs, we take a nominal cut of what you bring in.

  • Insurance Verification
    Charge Entry
    Claims Scrubbing and Submission
    Payment Posting
    Denial Management
    AR followups
    Customized Reporting

  • Yes, we do make inquiries about pending claims and supply any additional details that may be needed. If the claim is still not settled, we will submit an appeal.

  • When our billing department has reviewed your claims, which typically takes 24 working hours, we will submit them. The electronic submission of claims is the preferred method of submission because of the speed and convenience it provides. Submitting medical claims electronically saves time, effort, and resources while also reducing the likelihood of administrative or human mistakes.

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